Probroed & Sloot doubles HatchBrood capacity in the Netherlands

21-03-2011 | | |

HatchTech and Probroed & Sloot have agreed to double the capacity of the Probroed & Sloot HatchBrood facility in Langeboom, the Netherlands.

In January of this year, Probroed & Sloot, a leader in the Dutch poultry market, completed its takeover of Unibroed, which was the first poultry company to install and test HatchBrood. UniBroed introduced Broods® chicks, into the Dutch and German and Belgium market. Broods, a trademark of Probroed & Sloot, are chicks that are placed in HatchBrood for the crucial brooding period.

Field research has shown consistently better field results of the Broods compared to traditional chicks. Broods have improved feed conversion rates, increased uniformity, lower mortality rates and decreased antibiotic usage. In addition to the improved field performance, the energy usage in the broiler houses is decreased.

The improved return on investment with Broods has fueled the increasing demand and farmer preference of Broods. To meet this demand, Probroed  & Sloot decided to double the capacity of the HatchBrood facility.

The expansion of the HatchBrood facility in Langeboom, started in February this year, and when completed, will contain 6 HatchBrood units, with a capacity of 36.400 chicks each.

In addition to the Netherlands, there are HatchBrood facilities currently opening in Brazil, Poland, Thailand, Peru, Germany, Japan and Belarus.

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