Re-using heat reduces energy bill by 65%

16-10-2014 | | |
Re-using heat reduces energy bill by 65%

At EuroTier, Dutch company Inno+ will showcase the Air WTW, a new heat recovery system to be used on poultry and pig farms. This can save producers a lot of money, the manufacturer claims.

Pigs and poultry produce a lot of heat, which automatically heats up the air in the stalls to around 20 to 23°C, but this also leaves the stalls again via the ventilation system. A waste of energy, which makes farmers often choose to use an air scrubber to recycle the heat from the stalls.

The company Inno+ from the Netherlands has developed a new system to re-use heat, that is produced inside the barn. It only requires a centralised ventilation channel. The ventilated air is then pushed through the special Air WTW heat exchanger. The heat can then be used again for other purposes such as heating (floors), stalls, liquid feed, feed fermentation processes or heating the farmers’ house or other premises.

By doing this, pig or poultry producers can reduce the energy bill by 65%. In addition, the application of heat for some purposes becomes more cost-effective. Using the Air WTW is particularly suited for farms that have no air scrubber.

The company can be visited in Hall 11, stand E39 at EuroTier.

Emmy Koeleman Editor: All About Feed & Dairy Global