Rembrandt Foods and Källbergs in strategic partnership

23-04-2010 | | |

Källbergs Industri AB and Rembrandt Foods, INC have united in a strategic partnership to bring functional egg ingredients to the food industry in Europe.

Källbergs Industri AB, headquartered in Sweden, has been a dedicated European supplier to many food manufactures in the mayonnaise, bakery, confectionary, infant food and pharmaceutical industry for over 65 years. Källberg’s focus on R&D and technical services has made it a leader in European egg-based food ingredient technologies.

Mikael Persson, MD, Källbergs Industri AB: “Källbergs is excited about the opportunity to combine Rembrandt’s vertically integrated production with Källberg’s European sales force and technical knowledge. Together we will contribute to the development, profitability and competitiveness of our customers.”

Rembrandt Foods is the largest fully vertically integrated egg products company located in the US. Rembrandt vertically integrated system provides superior traceability, improved functionality and a sustainable approach to food production. The company was honored by the International Egg Commission (IEC) as the 2009 Egg Products Company of the Year. IEC members noted Rembrandt’s vision of globalizing egg products distribution as a key to the company’s success.

Dave Rettig, President, Rembrandt Foods: “Europe is a key part of Rembrandt Foods global egg product strategy. Källberg’s experience and history of operating in the European egg market made this a natural fit.”

As Strategic Partners Källbergs and Rembrandt will provide the European food manufactures opportunity to diversify their purchasing portfolio with functional egg-based ingredients. Källberg’s local service and Rembrandt’s production process will provide customers with cost savings and long-term stability in an unstable market.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist