Research: Probiotic properties evaluated in broilers

07-12-2011 | | |

Scientists of the Pelotas University in Brazil evaluated the probiotic properties of Pichia pastoris and a recombinant P. pastoris containing the Clostridium perfringens alpha toxin gene in broilers.

Trial setup
One-day-old chicks randomly divided in four groups were fed with commercial feed devoid of antibacterials.
The Control Group (1) received plain food, while the other groups were supplemented with either P. pastoris (2), the recombinant P. pastoris (3) or Bacillus cereus var. Toyoi (4).
At day 49, live weights, feed efficiency and seroconversions were higher in the supplemented groups than in the control groups.
Group 3 showed the best results, while group 2 had lower weight gain than groups 3 and 4 although feed conversion was better than in group 4.
Seroconversions were not different among the supplemented groups. Adverse reactions were not observed in histopathologic evaluation.
The researchers concluded that P. pastoris and the recombinant P. pastoris could be used as probiotics in broilers.