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Clostat is an effective feed microbial to improve poultry performance. This was the result of scientific research which was carried out allover Europe and in Russia.

Stefaan De Smet of Clostat producer Kemin presented summarized results of their research during a seminar, held recently in Antwerp, Belgium. This seminar took place at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Kemin and the official opening of their new Innovation and Technology Center.

Clostat is a microbial, specifically targeting Clostridium spp. in poultry flocks. It is resistant to heat and pelleting and maintains the beneficial bacteria in the birds’ gut. The effect of Clostat on FCR, body weight gain and mortality (caused by NE) was investigated in trials, in total involving 4,5 million broilers allover Europe and in Russia. Either it was administered in the feed or via the drinking water. The results on these three parameters turned out positive: -2% FCR, 65 grammes more growth and 0,55% less mortality. But not just that, also the cost of medication per bird turned out lower. And the number of rejections and devaluations in the processing plant were also less, 25% respectively.
Based on these findings, according to Kemin, the return on investment factor in Clostat, thanks to the above mentioned factors is by around 5.0.

Moreover the effect in layers was examined in Belgium and Italy. A higher laying percentage was found, as was the egg mass. Also the FCR was 3% lower. Similar results were found in Turkeys, which also showed a lower mortality rate.

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