Rica Foods: new hatching facility in Nicaragua

01-11-2007 | | |

Rica Foods, Inc. has announced that it plans to open a new chicken hatching facility outside Managua, Nicaragua.

Rica Foods, an international producer of broiler chickens, processed chicken, beef and pork by-products, commercial eggs and premixed feed and concentrate for livestock and domestic animals, currently ships day-old chicks from Costa Rica to Nicaragua. Transportation of these chicks, however, caused mortality and therefore is an expense to the company.
It is anticipated that the opening of the new hatching facility will allow the company to provide products to the Nicaraguan market, thereby eliminating the need to ship day-old chicks from Costa Rica.
US$1.1 million will be invested in the new facility, which will be operated by Rica Foods’ wholly owned operating subsidiary, Corporacion Pipasa S.A. and is projected to have 10 hatching machines.
It is expected that the facility will be fully operational in January 2008.