Rovabio from Adisseo increases use of DDGS in broiler diets

25-05-2011 | | |

Rovabio, the versatile enzyme from Adisseo, has a proven efficacy on wheat and corn distillers dried grain with solubles (DDGS) on broilers. This has been demonstrated throughout in vitro and in vivo trials.

The metabolizable energy uplift with Rovabio turned out to be about 5.5 % for corn DDGS and 7.5% for wheat DDGS. Significant levels of cellulase and xylanase in Rovabio allow for breakdown of the increased amounts of cellulose and arabinoxylans. When including 15% corn DDGS on a corn-soybean base diet, levels of arabinoxylans and cellulose are increased by about 20% and 30% respectively (25% and 20% for wheat DDGS).

The in vitro data, carried out in France and the USA, show that degradability of dry matter is significantly increased with Rovabio. On wheat DDGS, the increase of degradability ranges from + 8 to + 43 %, and on corn DDGS, from + 16 to + 62 %. The lowest uplift can be explained by the use of industrial carbohydrolases during the production process of DDGS, reducing further improvement potential with feed enzymes. However, Rovabio increases degradability thanks to its combination of 19 enzyme activities.

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Ad Bal Freelance journalist