Roxell introduces new community nest

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Roxell introduces new community nest
Roxell introduces new community nest

Koozii is Roxell’s new automatic nest for broiler breeders and commercial layers. It is especially developed for the production of super quality hatching or table eggs.

The nest boxes are spacious and oxygen rich for a maximum acceptance by the birds. A special positioning of the slats at the entrance avoids accumulation of manure in front of the nest. A wood protection on the entrance board excludes leg and breast injuries. The expulsion of the birds happens extremely gently. For broiler breeders this is done through a movable back, while for layers the farmers can choose between a movable back or a tilting floor.

The transportation of the hatching or table eggs to the collection table is done with the greatest care. The AstroTurf pads in the nest prevent hair cracks and soiled eggs. The perforated egg belt not only optimises the climate in the egg channel it also holds the eggs in place so that they don’t bump into each other. The eggs reach the collecting table through a smooth and open transition where dirt, feathers and soft shell eggs are removed. Koozii has a wide roof lid for easy control and maintenance.

The nest fronts can be opened simultaneously per row by automatic or manual winching for an optimal and fast inspection.

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