Roxell introduces transparent cover intake boot

07-02-2012 | | |
Roxell introduces transparent cover intake boot

Roxell has introduced two transparent covers for intake boots on systems where no feed hopper is used.

The application optimises visual control on the feed flow which is practical in broiler breeder and layer houses. A shut-off slide in the cover allows easy cleaning of the intake boot.

The covers exist in two versions: one with a flexible connection allowing installation in different angles under the feed transport system and mainly used in layer houses (with LaïCa, Poolaï, and Bridolay).

The other cover has a PVC connection with fixed angle and is applied in broiler breeder houses on KiXOO, Vitoo and Bridomat. The covers can easily be installed on existing Roxell-systems.

Transparent cover with fixed PVC connector for broiler breeder applications.

Transparent cover with flexible transition for layer applications.

Source: Roxell