Russia forecasts further growth of poultry sector

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Russia forecasts further growth of poultry sector
Russia forecasts further growth of poultry sector

The Russian union of poultry farmers forecasts chicken production to increase by 7.3% and turkey production to increase by 5%, compared to the level of 2012. This positive trend in production is mostly due to favourable ongoing government support programmes.

Also the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) forecasts broiler imports to remain stable in 2013 after an anticipated growth of 3% in 2012 compared to the level of 2011, due to an increase in broiler meat consumption instead of the more expensive pork and beef.

The FAS also reported that chicken meat imports increased by 3% in 2012 to 515,000 tonnes due to a significant increase in imports from Ukraine, which grew from 5,171 tonnes in January-June 2011 to 7,430 tonnes in January-June 2012, as well as due to a higher volume of 2012 broiler tariff import quotas. Russian broiler imports are forecast to grow another 3% in 2013, primarily as a result of growing duty free and quota-free imports from Ukraine and Belarus.

According to the Russian Federal Static Service, Russia imported 191,245 tonnes of broiler products in January – June 2012, a 17% increase over the same period in 2011.

Given the increase in domestic production, it is anticipated that domestic production will satisfy the needs of Russian consumers. Also it is expected that domestic production, plus imports equivalent to the Russian poultry import of 330,000 tonnes volume this year, will exceed the needs of the country. The volume of poultry available in the Russian market is expected to increase price competition within the country which may, in turn, encourage poultry exports.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent