Russia may initiate poultry imports from Iran

09-01-2015 | | |
Russia may initiate poultry imports from Iran
Russia may initiate poultry imports from Iran

Russia is expected to begin accepting delivery of poultry from Iran, as well as significantly expand imports of fruits and vegetables from that country, trade representative Andrew Lugansky the head of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Russian Embassy in Iran has said.

He stated that Iran over recent years has implemented a state program for the construction of new poultry farms and now the country has gained sufficient capacities to launch export supplies.

Russia is actively expanding the list of importers of meat, including poultry, after the implementation of the food embargo on the supplies from US, European Union, Canada and a number of other countries.

To replace the banned supplies Russia has already started to import poultry from China. Previously, trade representatives of Iran claimed that already in 2015 the country may establish exports of up to 100,000 tonnes of poultry to the markets of neighbouring countries, and the supplies to Russia “look very attractive”.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent