Russia: Turkey meat production grows by 46.1%

30-09-2011 | | |

The turkey meat market in Russia is currently experiencing record levels of growth. According to official statistics, in 2010 the total volume of turkey meat production in the country grew by 46.1% compared to 2009.

Such a significant increase is primarily due to the growth of production on an industrial scale, and an increase in consumer demand.

According to market research of the Russian turkey meat market, conducted by Global Reach Consulting (GRC), in the near future, we can also expect an increase in the production of turkey meat in Russia due to the continuing growth of production of existing poultry farms and the entry of new players onto the market. Today almost every major agricultural company in Russia has a segment of turkey production. 

In Russia six major enterprises are engaged the production of turkey meat with the largest being Eurodon. Tula enterprise JSC Krasnobor is the second largest producer of turkey meat and Sibyrskay Gubernia completes the top three.

The main feature of the turkey market in the next five years will be a gradual extinction of the small and medium-sized manufacturers. By 2012, major players of the industry will invest about 35 billion rubles (US$1,1 bln), with overall production growing 80% by 2014, experts say.