Russian delegation visits German biogas plant

20-07-2010 | | |

A 15-strong Russian delegation involved in the EU’s Balthazar Project visited Wimex, the parent company of Cobb Germany, to learn about its biogas expertise in processing poultry litter. The major target of the project is safeguarding the Baltic Sea from pollution.

Dr Dietrich Schulz, from the German federal department for environment, invited the group of directors and state delegates to Wimex to provide an exchange between the Russian and German agricultural companies considering the options for further usage of litter and manure. 

“Entrepreneurs are more easily convinced by other entrepreneurs than by authorities,” Schulz explained.

They visited the biogas plant of the Wimex Group near Leipzig, the world’s first biogas plant able to process organic material as high as 70% in litter.

During the visit to a PS farm on the former soviet military airbase in Köthen, discussions centred on whether the biogas plant could be a model for plants in Russia.

Kaj Forsius, project leader from Helsinki Commission, thanked Thomas Blanke, chief manager for animal production in Wimex, for the highly informative visit.

Cobb Vantress