Russian greenfield poultry processing plant operational

19-08-2014 | | |
Marel supplies Russian greenfield poultry processing plant
Marel supplies Russian greenfield poultry processing plant

In March of this year, Poultry integrator LLC Poultry Factory Akashevskaya started up their brand new 9,000 bph/150 bpm greenfield poultry processing plant in Kuzhener, Mari El Republic in the Volga Federal District of Russia.

The opening was conducted by the head of the Mari El Republic, Leonid Igorevich Markelov, in the presence of many local and foreign guests. Soon a second Akashevskaya greenfield plant, with a capacity of 6,000 bph/100 bpm will be commissioned. Marel Stork was selected to provide both plants with completely integrated state-of-the-art poultry processing technology.

The latest improvement projects include two poultry processing plants in Kuzhener and Jubilejnyj. They are another boost to the agro-economic development of the region. Both projects focus on improving product quality and raise Akashevskaya’s production capacity to over 200,000 tons per year. To enable that processes had to be redesigned and the level of automation became higher. The design of the processes and construction is now according to the latest Western European standards.

The 9,000 bph/150 bpm plant houses the first Stork Heart Lung Harvester (HLH) in Russia. The HLH is the latest addition to the selection of unique automatic giblet harvesting machines from the Nuova range. It separates esophagus and gizzard from the heart and lungs without the use of blades.

The chilling line is equipped with the latest version of the Downflow “Plus” chilling technology important aspect in enabling the production of top quality fresh products.

The cut-up is automated with a Stork ACM-NT processing line, enabling the company to produce a wide variety of fresh, high yield cut-up products. The produced breast caps are deboned with the Stork AMF-BX FlexControl system.

The new processing plants focus on the production of a wide variety of top-class fresh poultry products. Products find their way to various markets via various outlets. Besides focusing on local and national markets, Akashevskaya exports products to various markets like the Emirates and Africa. With this expansion in poultry production capacity, the Volga Federal District and especially Mari El is becoming more important for Russian poultry production. In addition to Belgorodskaya Oblast, a new poultry production center in the Russian Federation is being established.