Russian-Hungarian project to launch goose farm

03-06-2015 | | |
Russian-Hungarian project to launch goose farm

Hungary’s poultry business Hortobágyi Lúdtenyészto Zrt. and Russia’s Ekoferma Zvenyigovo have started a joint project for the construction of a goose farm in the Kirov Oblast of Russia, according to local media KirovNet.

The initial investment in the joint project should amount to €2 million, while the management of Ekoferma Zvenyigovo promises to invest €12-15 million in order to develop the business within the coming three years. The overall capacity of the farm will be 1 million geese per year. The poultry farm is scheduled to be finished and operating in 2018, sales turnover of the whole project should amount to an estimated €20 million. The project will create 1,300 to 1,500 new jobs in the Kirov Oblast.

Introduce high quality poultry meat to the Russian market

Marszel Hamzin, the founder and managing director of Ekoferma Zvenyigovo, said that the goal is to introduce quality poultry meat to the Russian market, and that the investors hope to secure the support of local authorities for the initiative. Market experts in general welcomed the project, as numerous market studies say the western part of Russia can expect an increase in demand for goose meat within the next few years.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent