Russian poultry processor doubles production capacity

23-07-2012 | | |
Russian poultry processor doubles production capacity

Healthy Farm, one of the leading producers of high quality food products in Russia, has recently invested in the first Meyn-Ishida poultry processing solution in the Ural region.


With a total capacity of two 6,000 birds per hour processing lines Healthy Farm doubles her current production capacity to 152,000 birds per day. This increased capacity in combination with a state-of-the-art multihead weighing and batching line will allow Healthy Farm (previously known as Ural Broiler) to further strengthen their market position.

Meyn will install a complete new processing line and will also extend the existing line installed by Meyn in 2009. The new universal multihead weighing & batching line from Ishida will provide a sophisticated solution for all steps in the packaging process.

“With previous Meyn projects, we already dramatically reduced labour costs and increased the quality of our final product,” said Healthy Farm’s CEO Evgeny Sergeevich Narukov. “Now with Meyn-Ishida we will also be reducing our give-away and increase product reliability considerably.”

At the moment, Healthy Farm is building additional housing capacity. The renewed high-tech plant will be running by the end of 2012.

Source:  Meyn-Ishida