Russian poultry production on the rise

22-03-2012 | | |
Russian poultry production on the rise

The volume of poultry meat production in Russia exceeded 500 thousand tonnes in carcass weight in February, the Russian Federal Statistic Service (Rosstat) has said.

This is an increase of 16.9%, or 73 tonnes more than during the first two months of 2011. The increased of production volume is observed in all federal districts of the country.

Previously experts estimated that the rate of growth of the industry in the first quarter of 2012 would not exceed 10-12%, but the new data suggests that in three months the rate of production will amount to 835 thousands tonnes, resulting in a 21% increase on 2011’s figures.

A main factor contributing to the increase in production is the poultry crisis in Ukraine, where poultry meat imports are to rise by 30-40% in the first quarter of 2012. Almost the entire amount will be imported from Russia.

Experts also note that, in February more than ten new investment projects were announced in the Russian poultry industry. Total production volume of poultry meat under these projects will be about 120 thousand tonnes in carcass weight, including 67 thousands tonnes of turkey meat, and 20 thousands tonnes of duck meat.

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