Russia’s Prioskolje opens fourth hatchery

19-02-2008 | | |

Russia’s Prioskolje Group will continue working with Pas Reform to develop a fourth hatchery complex, bringing the company’s total capacity for hatching eggs to 150 mln per year.

Operational start up at the new 60 million egg hatchery – the fourth in the Prioskolje Group’s integration – is planned for the end of May 2007, and comes as part of a broader investment programme that includes a new feedmill, slaughtery, rendering plant, water treatment system and dedicated new housing to accommodate both parent stock and broilers.
From the outset, Prioskolje’s vision was to create a modern, technologically advanced, high performance integration. The company believed that Pas Reform‘s then newly launched Smart incubation technologies seemed to offer the most advanced capabilities in single-stage incubation.
Prioskolje has become one of Russia’s largest poultry integrators since the company was founded just over three years ago and was among the first to adopt Pas Reform’s Smart hatchery technology when it was first launched in 2004.
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