Russia’s use of poultry imports limited by 2014

11-05-2011 | | |

In the next four years, Russia will continue to increase production and exports of poultry and by 2014 will be able to completely abandon import supplies, according to the forecast of “Express Review” agency.

However imported products will not completely disappear from the Russian market – a small share of imported poultry is necessary for normal operation of the industry. According to “Express-Review”, by 2014 the share of imported products on the poultry market will be about 7%.

“Nowadays the industry almost completely meets the requirements of domestic consumption, and imports in the current market situation are not required. But it should be said that a certain amount of imported products is necessary for competition development. Nobody is talking about a ban on imported products,” said Galina Bobylyova, general director of the Russian Poultry Breeders Union.

Due to state policy to restrict imports and increase investment in the industry, Russia, on the one hand, in the nearest future will be able to fully meet the demand of the domestic market and realise its export potential. On the other hand, domestic manufacturers may also face the problem of oversupply in some kinds of production due to limited range (prevalence of carcasses and “white” meat and insufficient production of dark meat).