S. Africa aims to double egg consumption

31-08-2009 | | |
S. Africa aims to double egg consumption

The South African industry wants to double its national egg consumption, aiming for an egg a day for every second person, says the International Egg Commisision (IEC).

Magda Prinsloo has provided the IEC with an in-depth market report from South Africa, detailing the latest trends and issues facing the South African Egg industry.

Like many other countries, South Africa’s egg industry is being affected by international factors, including the rising cost of maize, and the increased production of bio ethanol in the US. These external issues have resulted in an increase in layer feed prices; the average layer feed price for 2008 was R2466.30 per tonne, an increase of 32.2% in comparison with July 2007.

Increased production costs and the need for heightened bio-security, to safe guard against avian influenza, are proving to be major challenges for South African egg producers.

Additionally, 2009 will also see changes to import and export tariffs in South Africa.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist