Salmonella boot swab kit launched for poultry producers

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Salmonella boot swab kit launched for poultry producers

Although it may be possible to make your own boot swab in-house by spending time collecting together all the necessary components before sampling, a new self-contained Salmonella Boot Swab Kit has been launched to provide many advantages over ‘do it yourself’ methods.

Sampling with boot swabs was developed by Technical Service Consultants as a simple, safe, cost-effective and user-friendly environmental method for assessment of Salmonella prevalence in poultry flocks. Salmonella Boot Swab Kits are far more effective and much more sensitive in the detection of Salmonella than traditional drag swab methods of sampling, the company stated in a release.

The design of the Salmonella Boot Swab Kit eliminates any additional preparation or purchase of extra components and does not require specialist training of employees. Sampling can be carried out by producers at their own convenience, combining testing with other duties in the poultry house. Litter samples for Salmonella detection are simply collected by walking over a poultry house wearing boot swabs pre-moistened in the sampling solution. Sampled swabs are then sent to the approved testing laboratory for Salmonella detection.

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