Salmonella treatment approved by USDA

12-04-2007 | | |

Utah-based OmniLytics, Inc. will be providing a wash, now approved by the USDA, which is intended to reduce Salmonella.

Research has demonstrated the need to reduce the presence of Salmonella on animal hide, as they can harbour more bacteria than faeces. The product is applied as a mist, spray or wash on live animals prior to slaughter to reduce the level of Salmonella contamination prior to further processing.
“The US Department of Agriculture‘s allowance of the extended use of our BacWash product to treat Salmonella inserts for the first time a truly effective Salmonella control that can be applied prior to the organism being introduced into the processing facility,” Justin Reber, president and CEO of OmniLytics, said in a news release. “We’re confident that reducing the level of Salmonella going into the plant will reduce the contamination of final product being shipped to the consumer.”
It is also envisioned that bacteriophage produced by OmniLytics will be used to treat holding areas, transportation vehicles, containers and living quarters.

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