Scandinavian egg producer rebrands as Dava Foods

03-11-2015 | | |
[Photo: Ton Kastermans]
[Photo: Ton Kastermans]

A primary producer within the fresh eggs business in the Nordic Region has changed its name to Dava Foods.

As of 1 November 2015 all subsidiaries of the Dava Foods group in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and the Netherlands (Hedegaard Foods, Svenska Lantägg, Muna Foods, Koks Munatootmine, and Eggs Posure) will share the same name: Dava Foods. All local consumer brands will continue as before – except for the Estonian market, where the former Tallegg brand will become Eggo.

Market synergies

Group CEO of Dava Foods, Ivan Noes Jørgensen, comments: “Today we operate 7 companies in 5 countries, so the time was right for us all to share the same name. The name change makes the synergies within the Dava Foods group more immediately apparent to our customers: we can service them in several different countries, and we operate at a level of volume and innovation that has considerable advantages for them, too. We act as a united organisation, not as stand-alone companies, and our name now reflects that.”

“While those who deal directly with Dava Foods will certainly notice the change, end-users and consumers will not see much difference. All local brands remain; for example, the eggs supplied by Dava Foods in Denmark will still be marketed under the well-known local Hedegaard brand. The only consumer-oriented change will be seen in Estonia, where a new brand, Eggo, is introduced.”

Organic foods

“Dava Foods is very ambitious in its efforts to promote organic farming and organic foods, and we also promote environmentally responsible business conduct in other ways. All these activities are based directly on our customers’ wishes, and we wanted our new logo to reflect our commitment to environmental issues and animal welfare. Hence the change from blue to green,” says Ivan Noes Jørgensen.

The name Dava Foods has its roots in the Danish co-op culture, specifically in the two farmer-owned agribusiness and feedstuff companies that own Dava Foods. This is no coincidence, explains Christian Junker, chairman of Dava Foods.

From farm to table

“Dava Foods is owned by approximately 15,000 Danish farmers through the co-ops Danish Agro and Vestjyllands Andel. By being based on the initials of the 2 co-ops, the new name reflects how Dava Foods operates within all aspects of the agribusiness and food sectors – from farm to table.”

The group offers a complete range of organic eggs, free-range eggs, barn eggs, and enriched cage eggs. Pasteurised products include egg whites, whole eggs and yolks according to customer-specific recipes. The group also produces boiled, peeled eggs and cooked beaten eggs, and has developed several innovative convenience solutions as well as a new protein drink based on pure egg whites.

Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects