Selco leads in US poultry house lighting study

15-06-2012 | | |
Selco leads in US poultry house lighting study

In a new LED Lighting study on poultry broiler house production conducted by the University of Arkansas (UA), Selco Products had the highest ‘Average Energy Performance Index’ among the LED vendors and different types of lights tested for Poultry Grow-Out Lights.

Selco’s LEDs performed with the lowest energy consumption for Grow Lighting. These results are based on the latest findings from three poultry flocks tested over a five month period in the UA’s LED Lighting Evaluation with Commercial Poultry Production study. Additional flocks are currently being tested and additional findings are expected to be reported in August 2012.

UA’s Division of Agriculture Poultry Science Applied Broiler Research Farm (ABRF) included numerous houses in the study and LED bulbs from five manufacturers. The ABRF monitored daily usage of feed, water, electricity and propane.  Each broiler house was equipped with three electrical meters to log lighting, fans, motors and total usage.

The study to date shows that bird growth under LED Grow Lighting is comparable or better  than previous forms of lighting and that LED technology reduces energy consumption by as much as 80% compared to incandescent bulbs and lasts much longer than DCFL (dimmable compact fluorescent  bulbs). The DCFL bulbs are noted for their high failure rate under dimming conditions. These results offer a valuable cost-saving alternative, as lighting is a significant energy cost for poultry producers.

 “Our LED Grow Lights were designed to be the most durable, longest lasting, and with the lowest power consumption for poultry house usage,” says Peter Ranalli, Selco Products Senior Vice President. “With these UA findings thus far, Selco’s Poultry Grow lights have proven to be the leader in energy savings. Poultry producers are searching for better solutions over incandescent and DCFL lamps that simply do not last under poultry house conditions.” 

Source: Selco Products Company