Shandong Yisheng chooses Jamesway for new hatchery in China

05-06-2012 | | |
Shandong Yisheng chooses Jamesway for new hatchery in China

Chinese livestock and poultry breeding company, Shandong Yisheng, has chosen Jamesway Incubator Company’s Platinum incubation equipment for their newest hatchery. The 72 – P120 Incubators and 36 – P40 hatchers will be installed in two phases both of which should be completed later this year.


The new hatchery has an annual capacity of 150.9 million eggs and is the largest of 10 projects so far completed in China by Jamesway since its startup of operations in Beijing in 2009. This latest Yisheng project includes state of the art HRS (Heat Recovery system) technology that allows for even more energy savings.

Yisheng chose Platinum for its many features, including: high quality day old chicks, with the best energy cost, high bio-security, ease of operation, and precise environmental controls.

Shandong Yisheng Livestock and Poultry Breeding Co. specialises in introduction, breeding, production and distribution of parent chickens. Middle East North Africa-Financial Network reported in December 2011 that Yisheng is now the largest supplier of parent meat chickens in China.

Jamesway Incubator Company has been a leader in the incubation solutions industry for over 100 years. Jamesway offers a full range of Incubation systems and hatchery solutions including ventilation systems, heat recovery systems, automation, planning, design and layout, for all your hatchery needs.

Source: Jamesway