Shift in Philippine poultry consumerism

22-09-2010 | | |

The Philippines is experiencing a shift in consumer demand from pork to chicken, the Philippine Department of Agriculture has said.

The consumer shift from pork to chicken has brought down pork prices to about PHP160 to PHP170 a kilo from PHP180 to PHP190 a kilo in the first half of this year, the DA Assistant Secretary Salvador Salacup stated in a recent interview.

Chicken prices low
“There is a close shifting pattern between pork and chicken, where Filipinos tend to shift to chicken commodity when pork prices are high, and vice-versa,” Salacup said. “Since chicken prices are much lower for now, Filipinos tend to favour broilers, resulting to lower prices in swine products.”

Reports suggest that poultry raisers and market vendors have agreed on a standard reference price of PHP100 per kilogram for unbranded dressed chicken and PHP110 for branded chicken.