ShrinkStyle for secure packaging

20-04-2010 | | |
ShrinkStyle for secure packaging

A new product from Sealpac is ShrinkStyle packaging, which is a fully automated system combining the benefits of thermoforming and shrink technology: a thermoformer forms a pack out of the bottom film, which is then filled with the product, vacumised and sealed. They fit the product like a second skin.

ShrinkStyle is suitable on Sealpac’s full range of RE-series thermoformers, and represents an efficient use of materials and a fully controlled shrink packaging process, says the company. Due to the perfect fit, ShrinkStyle allows for unique shrink packs, which combine product safety with a nice appearance.

The ShrinkStyle system is suitable for fresh poultry: even whole chickens are sealed hermetically, despite their special anatomy which can present challenges to the processing industry. The ShrinkStyle films also fit whole birds, optionally placed on a carrier tray, like a second skin within the controlled shrink packaging process.

The strong seal protects the product during the complete production chain against drip-loss, maintains its freshness and clearly enhances its shelf-life.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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