Skov to supply ventilation to Namibian poultry market

31-05-2011 | | |
Skov to supply ventilation to Namibian poultry market

SKOV A/S has entered into an agreement to supply complete ventilation and production control systems for 53 poultry houses in Namibia.

In addition to ventilation systems, SKOV is also to supply production control and farm management systems. The order was landed in collaboration with Peninsula Poultry Appliances Ltd., SKOV’s dealer in South Africa.

“For many years, South Africa has been an important market to SKOV. After lengthy negotiations, we have now succeeded in landing an order from the neighbouring country, Namibia”, says Arne Overgaard, in charge of sales in Africa.

The farm, which is owned by Namib Poultry Industries Ltd., is to have 53 houses, of which 6 will be for rearing stock, 12 for parent stock and 35 for broilers. When the farm is completed, it will have a capacity of 250,000 broilers a week.

“It was important to the customer to invest in the proper equipment as well as to secure optimum consultancy services. Thus, the farm will feature every aspect of sophisticated technology in ventilation, production control and farm management”, says Arne Overgaard.

The farm in Namibia will be one of the first in the world to be equipped with SKOV’s new DOL 539, a combined climate and production computer. This house computer features a touch screen for menu navigation as well as a LAN connection for PC communication.

The first part of the supply will be delivered in August and the entire farm is expected to be in operation in the beginning of 2012.

Source: Skov