Slaughterhouse waste to eco-friendly manure in half the time

16-12-2011 | | |

Scientists at the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (Tanuvas) have hit upon an eco-friendly and safe method of converting waste from chicken slaughterhouses into manure, the Times of India reports.

Drs K. Sivakumar and V. Ramesh Saravana Kumar of the department of livestock production and management of the Veterinary College and Research Institute affiliated to Tanuvas had developed the technique to convert dead birds into compost using poultry manure and straw.
The wastes to be composted are layered sequentially in a wooden compost bin with manure and straw or hay and water in a ratio of 10:30:17:17.
In three to four months the composting process is completed. “The method used in slaughter houses now is the septic tank or anaerobic chamber method.”
“The advantage of this technique is that it takes half the time to decompose the wastes and the end product can be used as agricultural or garden manure,” said associate professor Dr K. Sivakumar.