Smart hatchery logistics system designed

08-03-2011 | | |
Smart hatchery logistics system designed

Twinpack has designed the HatchCargoSystem which uses a patented way of stacking meaning there is no need for the use of metal trolleys anymore. Millions of eggs are currently transported every day on metal trolleys, containing 6.000 eggs.

The HatchCargo Trays contain 150 eggs and have several advantages in transport. The trays can easily be stacked and unstacked due to the smart construction and can load up to 40% more eggs on the same floor size compared to the metal trolleys.

Together with Prinzen Machines from The Netherlands (member of the Vencomatic Group), Twinpack developed machines to load and unload the pallets full automatically. Increase of productivity and substantial decrease of logistic costs.

The HatchCargoSystem® is compatible with almost all common used machines, transport conveyors, wash equipment and pre-hatch trolleys as being used in the industry.

Source: Twinpack