South African org pledges to support new poultry farmers

09-12-2011 | | |

The Developing Poultry Farmers Organisation, a division of the South African Poultry Association, was officially launched this week in Nelspruit, South Africa.

The organisation outlined its vision of facilitating the entry of emerging poultry farmers, especially those from previously disadvantaged communities, into the mainstream of the agricultural economy.

Spokesperson of the organisation Marlon Abrahams said some of its key functions included overall assistance to emerging and small-scale commercial poultry producers to help members access financial assistance, to lobby for the establishment of resource centres in each region to ensure sustainable poultry and egg production in each area. and to train and develop emerging community farmers.

The department of agriculture confirmed it will work closely with the organisation to continue providing emerging poultry farmers with the resources necessary for managing successful farming enterprises.

A poultry farmer from Bushbuckridge, George Baloyi, said poultry farming was a good and challenging business but the main challenge was the heat, with chickens dying due to the temperature rising up to 35° at times.

“Chickens are very sensitive and need special care and special food. We as poultry farmers struggle to sustain poultry farming,” said Baloyi. The establishment of the organisation would help farmers who worked in isolation to get the required skills that would enhance their knowledge, Baloyi concluded.

Source: The New Age