South African Ross breeders focus on maximising output

25-09-2012 | | |
South African Ross breeders focus on maximising output
South African Ross breeders focus on maximising output

Over 100 Ross customers recently attended the annual South African Ross roadshows, organised by Ross Poultry Breeders (RPB), the local Ross distributor. The week-long roadshow took place across three locations in South Africa in early August in Stellenbosch near Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg.

Delegates in attendance were given expert presentations from Dr Nick French, Aviagen’s Global Head of Technical Systems and Nick Spenceley, Course Director for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Production School.  Dr French’s presentation highlighted the importance of data handling and analysis as well as the science of fertility.

Nick Spenceley then spoke about the necessity, particularly in today’s current economic climate, of having the ability to ‘sweat’ farm assets and maximise saleable outputs. He also included the importance of preparing broiler breeders for sexual maturity.

“One of the key messages that came out of the presentations is that given the economic restraints felt across the area and the world, it is vitally important that farms make the absolute most out of their assets” commented Puzant Dakessian, Aviagen’s Regional Technical Manager. “These roadshows are a key part of Aviagen’s technical support and our team consistently strives to assist RPB customers with relevant and useful information to ensure they achieve maximum performance from their Ross stock.”