South Korea: Duckherd expands processing capacity

13-10-2011 | | |
South Korea: Duckherd expands processing capacity

Over recent years duck production in South Korea has been growing dramatically.


The popularity of duck meat specialties is increasing, forcing processing companies to expand their production capacity as well as product range. They do so by upgrading their plants and speeding-up production lines. In some cases they even may build new plants.

One of the front-runners in modernising the duck processing business is Korea Duckherd, the country’s leading duck producer which covers about 30% of the domestic market. The Namwon based company is the first to put up a new processing plant.

Following an intensive search for the most efficient equipment that will meet the high specifications of the company’s management they choose the Dutch company Poultry Machinery Joosten (PMJ) to install the new plant. They recognised the PMJ systems to be the best fit due to their high performance and delivering a top quality product.

Korea Duckherd’s new plant will have a capacity of 10.000 ducks per hour and will process ducks that have been grown by the company’s own integrated farms. It will concentrate on whole duck production to serve the cooking and rotisserie market. A major part of the production will be processed by the company’s own completely new FarmDuck further processing plant.

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