SPACE: Egg packing system using video classification

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SPACE: Egg packing system using video classification

French egg specialist Ovoconcept is highlighting the Electronic Vision system at the annual livestock show SPACE, held this week in Rennes, France.

The French company, a specialist in providing equipments and processes for actors in egg and poultry production,  presents the product together with representatives of its Italian partner and builder Sime-Tek.

The system, constructed for classification of eggs, is easy to use, reliable and compact is adaptable on all kind of machines: egg graders, farmpackers, egg breakers.

Four groups
It is using built-in video cameras operating with polarised light is easily controlled on a simple touch screen panel. It enables egg packers to immediately classify the eggs that flow onto the roller conveyor and subdivide them into four groups:

A. Eggs free from defects, and then used for selection in commercial categories and packed to be sent to the distribution and sale.

B. Eggs soiled with blood or faeces, or with minor imperfections or breakage of the shell or colour tonalities of the shell that can identify a greater fragility or which have been wet during the journey from other routes, which are therefore not identified as suitable for retail sale.

C. Broken eggs or very small ones that could create problems, which are discarded directly from a surface that will fall directly into a special container act for the purpose.

D. Eggs so big that is necessary to send to a different packer of table packaging processing.

Other novelties
The French company will also highlight its case and pallet-box packer, a brand palletizer Ovopal XC, as well as a plastic pallets and dividers washer.

Ovoconcept can be found in Hall 10B, stand F130

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