Sri Lanka gives assistance to poultry farmers

22-02-2007 | | |

The Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council (PC) will soon take steps to encourage the poultry farmers in both Kegalle and Ratnapura districts by providing the necessary facilities.

The Minister of Agrarian Services and Lands of Sabaragamuwa PC, Ranjith Soysa, pointed out that the prices of eggs and poultry products have risen in proportion to the decreased production of eggs and poultry products. Both the Kegalle and Ratnapura districts lack sufficient poultry farms to supply eggs and other poultry products to meet the demand of the consumers.
Therefore, Soysa proposes to supply all needed chicks and cheap poultry food to the existing poultry farms at very cheap rates, and to provide easy term loans to those interested in opening up new poultry farms.
This should contribute immensely in multiplying the number of poultry farms in both districts before long. With the increase of production the prices of eggs and chicken will come down as well as creating employment opportunities.
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