Sustainable egg production in a round house

26-03-2010 | | |
Sustainable egg production in a round house

The final stages of a building for a new concept for sustainable egg production in the Netherlands are taking place. The official opening of the round house – Rondeel – will be in April.

In order to research sustainable production of commercial eggs, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture Affairs asked Wageningen University to research new options for the future. In 2006 the results of the study were published in the report Houden van Hennen. The research team studied the areas of conflict between corporate social responsibility, the needs of the laying hen, and an optimum working environment for the poultry farmer.

One of the results of the research was a round house, called Rondeel. This concept offered a new look on layer housing, where each area has its specific purpose. Cor van de Ven, owner of the Venco Groep, was very enthusiastic about this concept and adopted the idea to realise such a house.

Rondeel is part of the Venco Groep, a family-owned Dutch group of innovative companies in the poultry sector. Other companies in the Venco Groep are Vencomatic, Prinzen and Agro Supply. Rondeel will operate as an independent company and will be responsible for the marketing of the eggs to the retail. The Rondeel house in Barneveld is the first Rondeel house being built. Currently, Rondeel is in the planning stage for the next Rondeel houses in the Netherlands.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist