Thai egg industry in need of reform

18-10-2010 | | |

The Committee for the Development of Layer Chicken and Products and the Egg Board, in consultation with an advisory team from Kasetsart University, is considering recommendations that Thailand’s egg industry should develop its own layer parent stock and reduce dependence on bird imports, in order to advance the sector.

Though the necessary investment is feasible, it is costly, says Mongkol Pipatsattayanuwong, president of the Association of Hen Egg Farmers, Traders and Exporters, questioning whether the investment is feasible, if locally developed parent stock will produce eggs competitively. “As current production in Thailand, is not competitive with an average of 290 eggs from each hen, as compared to the 320-330 eggs from hens in the more developed countries.”

Developing a “local breed” is a long-term plan and the research team is encouraging the government to make the issue a national agenda item, he says.