Thai poultry quota with EU set

23-02-2012 | | |
Thai poultry quota with EU set

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has confirmed the results of negotiations with the EU on allocation of processed poultry import quotas.

The quota for Thailand is 30,810 tonnes or 31.5% of the total quota for six categories of poultry including processed chicken, processed duck and raw and cooked ready-to-eat products that have chicken or duck as an ingredient.

The cabinet approved the agreement and will later submit it to parliament. The EU is expected to implement the new quota system by July 1. Negotiations took two years and were concluded late last year. The EU wanted to change tariff duties on eight categories of poultry.

Under the agreement, Thailand will receive a quota of 16,100 tonnes of processed chicken. Processed chicken within the quota will be levied a 10.9% duty. After that, the tariff will be 2,765 (112,000 baht) per tonne.

For processed duck, Thailand’s quota stands at 14,700 tonnes, also at a 10.9% tariff. For raw duck, Thailand received a 10-tonne quota. The tariff rate is 630 a tonne, with 2,765 a tonne above the quota amount. Since 2007, Thai exporters fully utilised the 160,033 tonnes of cooked chicken meat quota the EU allocated each year to Thailand.

Last year, the country exported 200,000 tonnes of cooked chicken meat to the EU. However, the country did not fully utilise the 92,610-tonne raw chicken meat quota.

Source: Bangkok Post