Top marketing award for UK goose producers

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Top marketing award for UK goose producers
Top marketing award for UK goose producers

Shropshire goose producers William and Jennie Brisbourne have won the UK poultry industry’s top marketing award, presented by Farming Minister David Heath.

They received the award at the British Poultry Council’s annual awards ceremony at the House of Commons in front of more than 150 representatives of the poultry industry. 

The BPC chairman John Reed described the Brisbournes as ‘dynamic representatives of the small production sector, creative and passionate about geese and poultry.’

He said the Brisbournes, who have been producing geese for more than 30 years, had actively promoted the sector hosting the recent goose walk for BPC members and revamping their website with ‘tons of information on geese, turkeys and chickens, poultry recipes and cooking tips.’

The Brisbourne family produce 1600 geese for Christmas with 40% sold at the farmgate and 60% through farm shops and butchers.  They have also developed a market for goose fat from Christmas through to Easter.

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