Traceability now available in Nairobi

22-03-2007 | | |

Under the European Union rules, food businesses must be able to identify from whom they obtained a food ingredient or food product, and to whom they supplied a food ingredient or food product.

To be in line with the global trend, poultry provider Kenchic has introduced what it calls Farm 2 Fork concept, which enables consumers to trace the origin of chicken they feed on.
The company is using international management systems to ensure that best practice is observed, right from the time an egg is hatched on the farm up to the point the chicken is packed.
“But knowing where every chicken originated, and every process it passed through is not enough,” Kenchic marketing manager, Anthony Wainaina, said yesterday. “Rigorous control and monitoring ensures the product supplied is always healthy.” Under the Farm 2 Fork system, consumers will be able to identify when the eggs were produced, packed and placed on a supermarket shelf.

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