Tuffigo Rapidex introduces heavy poultry pan

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Tuffigo Rapidex has extended its automatic weighing range with a new heavy poultry pan (turkey, turkeys, ducks).

This Tuffigo Rapidex standard automatic weighing pan, already proven since 2009 in chickens herds, can track the evolution of the weight of poultry in real time. Equipped with a smart load cell, the device transmits directly all weighings to the Tuffigo Rapidex computer. They are rendered as curves and Excel table to be exported to a PC or stored on a USB memory stick. This solution provides high reliability and time savings of several hours per week.

The shelf is adjustable in height by age and poultry species. This equipment allows breeders to make the right decisions immediately, reliably monitor the animals and their development and to measure the impact of their decisions.

The weighing for heavy poultry works on the same principle. Load cell and plate were adapted and can support up to 220 pounds. Square with about 1m from the side, this plateau resistant with stainless steel screws, has been designed for this type of heavy poultry. Its slender tall frame has easy access. Animals do not have to bow their heads and then have no fear to ride. Their passage on the board occurs naturally, especially because of the red metal. A color that attracts the curiosity of poultry and improves the number weighing per hour and per day.

The tray suits any kind of poultry and can therefore be maintained on site alternating chicken / turkey. It is also fully removable and travels flat to minimise transportation costs.

Source: Tuffigo Rapidex

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