UAE quail producer set for expansion and exports

11-06-2009 | | |
UAE quail producer set for expansion and exports

Al Semman Farm, one of the two quail producers in the United Arab Emirates and member of UAE-based Liberty Investment Company , has begun implementing expansion plans and gearing for exports.

Having just achieved the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certification, this is considered the ultimate recognition for safety and hygiene standards in the global food industry.
Al Semman Farm, located in Al Ain, is the first UAE poultry company to have achieved the HACCP certification in both poultry farming and processing plant operations, following stringent testing under the complex HACCP program.
Globally, most poultry farms achieve certification for only the processing plant.
James Greig, manager at Al Semman Farm said, “Achieving the HACCP for a local quail farm is a major feat because rearing quail in the UAE is a daunting task due high summer temperatures and low humidity in the interior of the country.
“With the HACCP, we will be the first poultry company to export a locally produced poultry product from the Abu Dhabi emirate.
“The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA), which closely monitors food processing in the emirate, is working with Al Semman Farm to standardize and establish new procedures for the export of quail to other markets.”
Doubling capacity
As per the expansion plans, the current capacity is being doubled following the commissioning of new quail rearing houses.
The focus is on meeting the local market demands first, before venturing into exports, Greig said.
The first of the exports will be to neighbouring countries, starting with Oman from this month. Subsequently, the exports will also target European markets.
Gourmet food
Quail is a gourmet food, and is in great demand among connoisseurs. Local production is not large enough to meet the demand.
Al Semman Farm, which markets its products under two brands – Al Ain Quail and Jumbo Quail – is much sought-after by high-end restaurants and hotels as well as individual customers, many of whom drive all the way to Al Ain to buy fresh quail from the farm.
Al Semman Farm produces 100 per cent natural Halal quail, and does not use artificial growth promoters or antibiotics.
“Our birds are larger in size, with tastier white meat that is superior to the imported frozen quail available in the market,” added Greig.
Quail farming in the UAE started out in the early 90’s. Greig, a third generation farmer by nature and qualification, was involved in the planning and researching of Al Semman Farm, following the keen interest of Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdulaziz Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Liberty Group, in venturing into such a business in the UAE.
Construction of the facility began in November 2006 and the first eggs were set in Al Semman Farm on the 25th of August, 2007.