UAE’s Al-Semman Farms chooses EMKA Incubators

12-08-2014 | | |
UAE s Al-Semman Farms chooses EMKA Incubators
UAE s Al-Semman Farms chooses EMKA Incubators

Al-Semman Farms, a high-tech, professionally managed quail farm and processing plant located in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, has completed construction of a new facility.

Following a tough and rigorous selection process the company choose to equip the facility with EMKA Incubators with Teggnologic27.

Dr Abdullah, the resident veterinarian and in charge of the selection process, again confirmed that going for the ‘Dry Hatch’ using Teggnologic27 was the choice for Al-Semman Farms. Dr Abdullah noted the distinct biological and incubational advantages of Dry Hatch-incubation together with the high performance of EMKA Incubators.

Al-Semmans’ general manager, Peter D’Souza, confirmed the choice for EMKA Incubators at the AgraMe poultry exhibition in Dubai. The installation is now complete and the first hatches are there.

EMKA Incubators is gaining a respectable reputation in the Middle East and is cornering the Quail market.