Ugachick still strong

15-03-2007 | | |

Established in 1992, Ugachick Poultry Breeders Limited changed the landscape of the poultry industry in Uganda.

One and a half decades later, they are still the biggest in the business and their acumen has turned them into a household name. To many, they simplified the process of cooking and eating chicken.
The firm consists of a broiler farm that produces chicken for slaughter, a breeder farm that churns out day-old chicks for sale, a processing plant, a feed mill and a fish farm.
In 2005, it started an out-farmers’ scheme, advertising for farmers who had a production potential of a 2,000 chicken farm and also could afford to buy feeds from Ugachick, they attracted almost 100 farmers from all over the country. The out farmers scheme provides about 28% of Ugachick’s processed chicken.
The Ugachick breeder farm hosts a stock of 85,000 parent chickens that produce about 26,000 eggs daily, all of which go to the hatchery to be sold off as day-old chicks 21 days later.
Before the Bird flu scare came on the scene and the eminent restrictions on chicken production, Ugachick used to import parent birds from Europe every three weeks. This has consequently halted production in the feed mill since the demand has sunk. Despite a fall in their production capacity as a result of the export and import restrictions slapped on Uganda and other countries, Ugachick is not down and out. Ugachick is still soaring high in the poultry industry. They plan to expand their reach as far as Sudan and also keep at the top, (if not keep the monopoly) of modern poultry production in Uganda.
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