UK broiler welfare directive sets boundaries

30-11-2010 | | |

New Regulations on meat chicken welfare came into force on 5 November in Scotland, on 10 November in Wales and will come into force shortly in England.

The Regulations set a maximum stocking density limit of 39kg/m² for conventionally reared chicken. They also require keepers of 500 or more conventionally reared meat chickens to notify Animal Health if they wish to stock birds at more than 33kg/m² up to a maximum of 39kg/m². Notification can be made through a Meat Chicken Notification Form.

In early December, keepers in Scotland and Wales will receive a pre-populated Meat Chicken Notification Form from Animal Health based on details contained in the GB Poultry register. English keepers will receive forms early in 2011.

The form can also be used to apply for Grandfather Rights in respect of training. Keepers will be able to apply for Grandfather Rights until 30 June 2011 providing they meet the necessary criteria as set out on the Meat Chicken Notification Form.   Further details about the Directive’s requirements can be found here.

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