UK families dine on ostrich eggs

05-05-2008 | | |
UK families dine on ostrich eggs

A UK supermarket is now trying something new – selling ostrich eggs for those who dare to experiment with a nutritious egg 24 times larger than a normal chicken egg.

Waitrose supermarket has recently begun selling these huge eggs, which can weigh in at almost 2 kg (4.4lb), reports the Telegraph. The newspaper says that those hoping to “go to work on ostrich egg” might think twice and save that particular treat for the weekend, as they can take an hour to boil.
This giant source of protein can also be hard-boiled, scrambled and fried just like chicken or duck eggs.
According to a company spokesperson, these eggs are also very good for meringues because the white is much lighter than chickens’ eggs.
Waitrose has introduced the eggs, which cost £15.99, at 19 stores and hopes to attract cooks looking to experiment. The eggs, from specialist egg supplier Clarence Court, come from free-range birds on a Lincolnshire farm which only lay once every three days or so.