UK: poultry industry to have more say

14-12-2007 | | |
UK: poultry industry to have more say

Options for sharing responsibility and costs on animal health and welfare policy in the UK have been set out in a consultation launched by Defra.

The consultation seeks views on how the farming industry could be further involved in the decision-making process for animal health and welfare, such as during disease outbreaks, and whether this should be done through existing structures and organisations or new organisational structures.
The consultation also looks at the principles of how the funding for animal health and welfare can be shared between government and the industry in the future.
“It is only right that the industry should have a greater say in how disease is controlled and outbreaks are managed, as they are directly affected by those decisions,” said Minister for Sustainable Food and Farming and Animal Health, Jeff Rooker.
“We want to reform the current system so that the industry is central to the decision-making process and contributes to the costs of those decisions in a fair and transparent way.”
The consultation responses will be used to help develop detailed proposals on responsibility and cost sharing which will be consulted on in 2008.
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