UK: reliance on poultry imports continues to grow

27-11-2007 | | |
UK: reliance on poultry imports continues to grow

UK manufacturing industries have been on a decline for some years now. It is assumed to be a natural progression as manufacturers make use of cheap labour in the developing world.

According to an article on The Scotsman, this is certainly the case, with figures demonstrating the fact that the UK is highly dependant on food imports, particularly poultry and red meat.
Import figures and statistics show that from January to end September this year, the UK imported a minimum of 214,500 t of chicken and turkey from several sources worldwide, which represents an increase of 26,000 t.
At the same time, however, UK poultry exports fell approx. 9,000 t, down 23,000 tonnes for the same period two years ago.
The Scotsman article concludes that together with the rising cost of feed, fuel and fertiliser, (it is reported that turkeys will fetch up to £100 each this year as Chritmas approaches!) the growing reliance the UK has on poultry imports will continue further.

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