Ukraine: Agromars to increase poultry production by 25%

08-12-2011 | | |

Agromars, Ukraine’s second largest poultry producer intends to increase production of poultry by 35-40 thousands tonnes in 2011, a 25% rise in total production rate of last year.

“Next year we will try to reach a production level of 300 thousand tonnes of broiler meat in a year” said General Director of the company Alexey Marchenko.

Marchenko said that the company will be able to accelerate such growth of the production volume through the commissioning of new facilities. He noted that in 2010, Agromars increased production by 2.4%, in 2009 by 4.3%, while in 2008 there was an increase of 14.5%.

The projected total of market volume in Ukraine in 2011, is 13.2% – up to 1088 thousands tonnes, and in 2012 this is estimated to increase a further 9.2%. According to Marchenko, last year the output of industry increased by 4%, and in the previous year by 8.1%.

Marchenko added that the Ukrainian market will not be able to provide such levels of consumption of poultry, so manufacturers nowadays are mainly orientated towards export growth. “Ukraine has reached European levels of consumption of poultry meat,” – he said.

Imports of poultry meat in Ukraine last year fell to 157 tonnes from 193 tonnes in 2009 and 256 thousand tonnes in 2008.