Ukraine customers get insight into US broiler industry

12-12-2011 | | |

Three guests from the largest poultry producer in Ukraine, Mironovskiy Hlebproduct, were given an insight into the US chicken industry when they visited Cobb-Vantress in Arkansas.

The visitors, led by the producer’s deputy chief executive Maxym Pysaryev, were welcomed by Stan Reid, Cobb vice president of sales and marketing, and then heard about the performance of Cobb products and the progress being made with the latest developments in breeding.

There was a detailed discussion of catching and transport of broilers from farm to processing plant before a visit to farms to see broiler production and catching and then one of Tyson Foods’ processing plants.

As he returned to Ukraine Pysaryev commented on how valuable he had found the visit, gaining a lot of useful information from Cobb and Tyson that he hoped to put into practice at their own farms. 

James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany who accompanied the Ukraine visitors, added:  “This confirms how important it is to travel with an open mind, visit farms and see how management ideas from another country can be used back home to further the economics of producing high quality meat with the Cobb500.”

Source: Cobb-Vantress